Ben Barbersmith

Hi! I'm Ben Barbersmith. 👋

I structure my life around a simple goal: be happy and healthy in the year 2100. (Yes, really.)

Along the way I aspire to:

  • Be the best father and husband I can
  • Earn financial independence
  • Run an unreasonable number of miles
  • Maintain a decent work/life balance

I’m building a collection of articles and notes about anything that gets me closer to my goal. Happiness, ethical living, financial independence, career satisfaction, entrepreneurship, health, relationships, goal setting, sleep, nutrition… these topics are all fair game.

I’ll also write about projects I’m working on, tools I’ve built, and technology I’m interested in.

Check out my /now page to find out what I’m doing now. Or follow me on Twitter.

60 second biography

  • I’m co-founder and CTO of Levellr, a software startup founded in 2020.
  • I spent 7 years working at Google as a Partner Engineer for YouTube.
  • I run my own small but profitable self-funded software company.
  • I previously freelanced as a combined CTO, Product Manager, and full-stack developer for early-stage companies.
  • I ran at least 2km every day for over 5 years.
  • I’ve run over 100 half marathons, 6 marathons, and several ultramarathons.
  • I tweet about growing my software businesses, parenting, and living to 2100.
  • I used to build apps for tabletop RPGs, and they still have thousands of users.
  • I’ve taken photographs that were featured by the BBC and the Smithsonian.
  • I’m always learning something new — usually related to coding.
  • I live with my wife and two kids, and I spent most of 2019 on parental leave.
  • I’m based in beautiful Worcestershire, a couple of hours train journey from London in the UK.
  • Interested to learn more? Read all about me…