Ben Barbersmith

Hi! I'm Ben Barbersmith. 👋

I structure my life around a simple goal: be happy and healthy in the year 2100. (Yes, really.)

Along the way I aspire to:

I’m building a collection of articles and notes about anything that gets me closer to my goal. Happiness, ethical living, financial independence, career satisfaction, entrepreneurship, health, relationships, goal setting, sleep, nutrition… these topics are all fair game.

I’ll also write about projects I’m working on, tools I’ve built, and technology I’m interested in.

Check out my /now page to find out what I’m doing now. Or follow me on Twitter.

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Recent posts

2022-04-30 Move and create A short letter on two guiding principles that have improved my life more than almost anything else.
2022-01-02 How to be happy in three simple steps To be happy, you must have experiences that make you happy. To have experiences that make you happy, you must be present in the moment. To be present in the moment, you must learn to live with discomfort and reject distraction. And that's the tricky bit.
2021-10-31 B2B Sales for Indie Developers B2B sales are lucrative. They can generate 1000x as much revenue as B2C sales. But for most indie hackers, sales is scary. Selling to businesses is super scary. This blog post shows you exactly how I closed my first $20k of B2B sales as an indie developer in 5 simple lessons.
2021-06-17 OAuth in Google Apps Script with UrlFetchApp With Google Apps Script, OAuth is super simple for integrated services like Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, etc. But what if you need to use a Google service that isn't integrated, such as Google Cloud Storage?
2021-03-11 SQL is hard If you’re like most devs, you don’t write SQL. Instead you write less efficient and less maintainable data processing code in JavaScript, Python, etc. You miss out on the real power of your database. Why? Because SQL is mysterious, and you don't know what it can do for you.
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