Ben Barbersmith

Entrepreneurship in 10 Words

— Posted on May 9, 2011

Even the most slovenly of brains are constantly solving problems. We look for ways to make our lives easier, to make ourselves happier, to make ourselves richer or even just to pass the time. We all solve problems all day, every day. Our brains are churning out novel solutions to everyday problems in every waking moment. For some of us,

There’s only one difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world. To sum it up in 10 words: Entrepreneurs don’t just have ideas. They bring them to life.

Next time you wonder what the difference is between you and the next young millionaire (or billionaire), I want you to stop pretending you don’t know the answer. It’s simple: everyone has ideas, but entrepreneurs make their ideas into reality. Now stop reading Reddit, stop watching TV, stop playing games and get out there and build something.

May 9, 2011 @benbarbersmith