Ben Barbersmith

runner · developer · entrepreneur


— Last updated on Apr 8, 2021

I recently welcomed my second child to the world, so I’ve drastically reduced the number of hours I work. I’m focussed on giving my son (and his mum!) the best possible start to life, and trying to survive a second round of sleep deprivation.

When I do choose to work, I’m focussed on two things…

Building and selling my B2B SaaS product

Building and selling Observant. Observant finds and prioritises missed revenue opportunities for YouTube content owners. If that elevator pitch doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry — I’m targeting a super niche B2B audience.

I started building Observant in December 2020, and within 6 weeks I had already passed $10k ARR in sales. This feels like a huge opportunity, and I’m excited to see how far I can take it.

Building a new course in public

See SQL for Humans or this blog post for details.

What else am I up to?

In addition to parenting and working on my businesses, I’m currently spending time: